Science Pavilion
Extraordinary peculiarities and where to find them

Questions are awesome

The world is a complicated place. We can lock ourselves in and ignore everything around us, or we can wonder, ask questions and explore...

Time and Space

Science Pavilion will be found near FLOKKR at Roskilde Festival 2019, with shows and workshops for three days (30/6-2/7). See you around the tent!

Science for everyone

We love doing research, but science is not an exclusive club, our mission is to spark curiosity and offer everybody the opportunity to be amazed and enjoy science!



Various shows and workshops will be hosted in the Science Pavilion in the warm-up days of Roskilde Festival. In addition we will be touring the camping site with our Science Show on Wheels. See you around for more fascination, brainpower and explosions!

Shows and Debates at FLOKKR

- Only once -

Workshops in Science Pavilion

- Available every day -


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